The Stu's Show TV channel can be accessed when it broadcasts live via a Roku device attached to a
television or via a Roku TV itself. It's simply a matter of adding a private channel to your lineup on the home
screen. Below are some basic instructions along with some images.

1. Using your computer, tablet, or cell phone, log onto your Roku account by visiting the Roku web site.

2. Above is a portion of the screen you will get after logging on. Under "Manage account", click the ADD A CHANNEL link.

3. You need to add the channel entitled "Nowhere Stream". To do this, on the next screen, you have to enter its code in the field provided, which is IN4DN. Click the ADD CHANNEL button after you type the code (see above).

4. The channel will install and will be available on all your Roku devices. Now go to your Roku device(s) and grab your remote. You may have to reboot your Roku device(s) in order for the channel to appear in your roster. Locate it - it will most likely be added to the end of your list. It will not show up with its name displayed. It will have a green background with a U in its center, as it appears above. Highlight it, then click OK to open it.

5. You will then be presented with an opening menu screen similar to the above. Use the left arrow function on your remote to tab over to the magnifying glass graphic ON THE MIDDLE LINE - the one that says LIVE NOW. Press OK on your remote. This is the channel's search function for the live streams.

6. Next you will get the search screen above. Type STUS SHOW or simply STU in the field and then click the SEARCH link at the bottom of the screen on the left side. That should take you directly to the Stu's Show TV Channel if it is broadcasting live at that moment. Simply press OK on your remote. The channel should load and begin playing the live video stream. (Note: Sometimes the channel and the UStream search engine are not in sync. If you do not get the channel using the above two searching criteria, use the channel's raw UStream ID - vvqbtt2scff - and that should bring up the channel. Remember that this will only work if the channel is LIVE at that moment.)

Also please note: Once you enter the words STUS SHOW, STU, or VVQBTT2SCFF in your first search, the channel will maintain that as part of its history, so the next time you go to bring up the channel, they will already be typed on the right side of the screen. Simply tab over to any of them and click OK on your remote, and it will load.

7. To watch a broadcast that's already been archived, starting with number 5 above, drop down to the THIRD LINE (the bottom row) - the one that says POPULAR THIS MONTH. Tab over to the magnifying glass graphic there and follow the above instructions using the same search criteria. You will then be presented with either the last archived broadcast or a list of what's available to view.

8. That's it - enjoy the channel!

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